The way you’ve always wished sales could work

No more missed sales opportunities. No social distance concerns. No more last-minute orders.

Real-time data that will transform your operations. The KEXY dashboard delivers customers’ inventory data and sales velocity, empowering reps to provide superior customer service while never missing a sales opportunity.

KEXY’s data-driven platform puts you in the right place at the right time – every time.

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It’s a whole different world when you’re getting work done with KEXY

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More effective sales reps

Data-driven analytics set every sales rep up for success. A single rep can effectively cover a greater territory. They’ll provide focused, effective service to each account while still moving the right products in all the right places.

More revenue per sales rep

Sales reps no longer wait for the accounts to tell them when they’re low. Behavior-analysis programs keep track of buying patterns so reps can anticipate needs. Each rep brings in more sales because they’re always ready to satisfy customer demands.

More sales, more exposure, more customer satisfaction

KEXY communicates both ways between reps and accounts. You can instantly notify accounts of discounts, promotions, or low stock, and accounts can quickly respond to place orders – all within the KEXY platform!

KEXY-powered accounts sell more because they never have to experience gaps in their inventory. Reps with KEXY can handle more accounts, leading to greater sales and superior customer satisfaction. Why would you try to sell any other way?

KEXY also offers a product knowledge section to help educate potential buyers and their staff members.

Additional Features

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Liquor Sales Rep


Liquor Sales Rep


Food Rep

Take control of your sales operations

KEXY analyzes the buying behavior of restaurants, which allows distribution companies to make more targeted and timelier sales, while reducing labor overhead.

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